Srinivas Mogilipala

Managing Director & CEO

Srinivas Mogilipala, the visionary behind Versatile Mobitech Private Limited, embarked on a technology-driven journey that began with a deep-rooted passion for innovation. His path started with a Master's in Computer Science from JNTU, Hyderabad. Transitioning from an Assistant Professor to an Android Developer, he accumulated over 15 years of practical experience, spanning across both Indian and international landscapes.

In 2012, Srinivas's vision materialized with the founding of Versatile Mobitech, initially comprising only five dedicated programmers. Their maiden project—a revolutionary media app—served as a testament to their technical prowess and kickstarted enduring partnerships with clients. Expanding globally, the company established offices in Dubai and Malaysia, forming alliances with esteemed organizations like Dubai Police and the Malaysian Government.

Focusing on Fintech, Versatile Mobitech rapidly rose to prominence, boasting a portfolio of over 250 apps and earning a reputation for excellence. Their unwavering dedication to innovation and client satisfaction positioned them at the forefront of design, technology, and marketing solutions.

Srinivas's journey is one defined by relentless innovation and unwavering commitment. His dedication revolves around driving change, fostering innovation, and continually exploring new technological horizons. This commitment shapes a future where Versatile Mobitech stands as a beacon of tech-driven brilliance and client-centric solutions.

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