Enterprise Solutions


Enterprises struggle everyday with finding the right stack to implement and then implementing it. That’s where Versatile comes in. Be it building from scratch or upgrading or integrating – we are your partner of choice!

We understand that this is a long term commitment from the company to invest in the stack and therefore, our team takes utmost care and pays attention to every detail that goes into your stack.

We have a solution for every department, from HR to Finance till Marketing- we have worked with some of the most prestigious companies to set them up for success and scale, have a look at some of our work here:

  1. Human Resources : We have built a comprehensive talent management solution that makes the entire flow – from interviewing till onboarding a smooth one. It provided accurate and reliable information about the department. Additionally, it was also used for performance management and reviews.
  2. ERP Systems : We developed enterprise resource planning software across various industry verticals which allowed for cross-functional coordination and planning. Our custom ERP’s were introduced with the idea of increasing productivity and streamlining communications, bringing value at every level.
  3. Inventory/Supply chain management : Our custom built software was created to overlook the supply chain function and ensure that stock is not getting stolen. Our inventory management system allowed us to keep real-time track of the physical product, the supply chain management, track of processes to ensure there is no time lag or lack of information.

Custom Enterprise Software Development


Keeping customer-centricity and user-friendliness at the core of each project, we are the chosen service partners for over 50+ companies in India.

With our custom enterprise solutions we understand your business needs today and in the future and build accordingly. Our custom softwares have the ability to speed up your workflows and processes as it is exactly what you need.

We are a full service agency helping you not just build, but maintain the software as you grow through the years.

Leverage the full potential of innovation on the tech landscape and bring them into your organization, ensuring successes and a differentiation point amongst your competitors.

We build you to be future ready:

  1. Scalable in nature : Since your business is growing rapidly and your needs will grow within the IT department, we build with the vision that you’ll add, integrate and expand your stack within the next 5 years. Being aware and prepared in this instance will help you be future ready
  2. Data security and privacy : As you’re building custom software, data is the core functionality and backbone. We ensure that we build in mechanisms and technicalities so your data remains private and secure, making it in comparison to as if you bought it. With the increasing number of security advancements available – our team is on track and updated every week on new integrations that are possible.

Enterprise Application Integration


Disjointed systems and rigid software have led to many problems over the years. Not just for employees who use this software, but to the entire business. The lack of agility and freedom of movement had caused a lack of productivity and access to information.
When we undertake an integration project, we understand you want the power to get a unified view of the task on hand.

We want to help you imagine your digital CX, work productively and run smoothly. Here are some of the integrations we offer.

  1. Platform integration : With all the different platforms and software we use, it can get confusing and breakages can be recognized at times. Within this, we offer integration of web services – from service oriented architectures (SOA) to remote procedure call (RPC)
  2. Data Integration : When integrating platforms such as .NET and/or Java EE – we are able to use, extract and manipulate data. Within XML, it involves metadata management.
  3. Component Integration : Integrations at business logic level such as transaction management or application services that use architectures like SOAP/XML for EJB/Struts framework.
  4. Process Integration : This involves the process and workflow modeling approach to integration using a process oriented thinking or BPM.

Here are some of the benefits of integrations:

  • Data flow: Now that all your applications communicate with each other or combined into bigger apps with more functionality – data for each use case is readily available and is more comprehensive in nature.
  • Improved productivity : as communications and information flow in a more streamlined manner. Access to relevant people are given and they have no issue with accessing, modifying and using data as per necessary.
  • Real-time information : Since all the data is now compiled and presented, stay updated with all your business needs in real-time. Process can be automated and/or smoothed out as requirement.

Legacy App Upgrade and Modernization


Just as comfortable as you are getting with your services and applications -it might be time to upgrade! As a trusted service provider, we have seen cases where upgrades are not done on time, which lead to huge impacts to the business.

As technologies and expectations advance, you have to develop and upgrade at the same pace to be able to handle current and future challenges that may arise.

With our end-to-end upgrade process, we are here to help you evaluate what needs to be upgraded, what the timelines and business impacts are/will be followed by a detailed outlook on the roadmap.

Here are three reasons why businesses upgrade and modernize:

  1. Slower than normal processing time : When machines are unable to keep up to human need, it causes a major time lag and gap in communication and process flow.
  2. Bad UX : As times have changed, what a user wants has been central and most important when updates are made. With the changing time, UX is now being kept at the core and software are giving the user more of what they want.
  3. Lack of scalability : Sometimes we’ve run into situations where the entire solution can’t be built upon/improved/scaled; therefore leading us to have to modernize the existing solution and having to ensure the company is on par with tech in the market.

Enterprise Web & Mobile Application


As we have moved into a generation of swiftness and updated technology – everything has compressed into the size of our palms – our phones.

From iOS to Android to Windows Phone till a Blackberry, your data will be connected, updated and available wherever you are. On all devices, available globally!

Enterprise mobile and web apps allow you to access and use the information available on these software-heavy applications which reside on your computer at work, wherever, whenever.

To begin with, enterprise web apps are lite-versions of what you see on a computer – allowing you the full flexibility available.

Next, when it comes to content and documentation – creating, sharing and storage – it can be a tedious task, especially when you have to access it on the go. With an updated content accessibility – you can now find, use, update documents on the go or when you’re comfortable.

As part of the enterprise plans, we offer benefits to our customers such as onsite business analysis, digital transformation and post-development support.

Beginning with the onsite business analysis, we visit your office location and look, understand and grasp the processes. Then, we take a call on the kind of technology that would suit your needs and size.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process which allows tech solutions to get added to your stack with the goal that it fits culture, operations and budget. Post-development support is an ongoing offering wherein we ensure tech and business needs go hand in hand, staying updated and fresh always!

To sum it all up, apart from the usage aspect of these enterprise Web and Mobile Applications, security is always of prime concern. With our range of expertise, we are able to build a system for you with permission control for data access and a cloud server for retrieval of the same. This ensures that no data is leaked/stolen from sources of access. Keep your data safe when on-the-go!


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